Pratt youth program in the news!

Pratt youth program in the news!

Our partnership with Washington Middle School is an example of Pratt’s commitment to youth outreach in our community.

A huge THANK YOU to Mimi Jung and King 5!

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Winter quarter is approaching and Pratt is offering a wide range of youth art classes to help young minds experiment in the arts and explore their creative imagination.

Art Star 101

From drawing and painting to printmaking and sculptures, students from the ages of 12-15 years old will be able to dip their toes into the different forms of art. Students will learn to develop a theme and create their own artist statement. At the end of this session, students will showcase their work with an art opening. Classes will be held on Saturdays starting on 1/21/12 from 2-4 p.m. with a total of eight sessions.

Full Winter 2012 catalog available here.

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Boat Making…….welding in small works

In our Fall Teen Welding class with Vance Wolfe middle school student Ronny worked on crafting a delicate steel boat….

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Fall Harvest…..still life with flowers!


As part of our grant funded programming we offer Free Saturday classes for grades K-8. In this K-2 class teaching artist Aaron Murray has brought in some of his own garden fresh flowers to explore drawing from life.

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Fall 2010……teen glassblowing with Elli Bemis

Glassblowing is a team sport! The hotshop is always a busy place where students work together in teams to support each other during the creative process.

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Summer Teen Classes…..glassblowing, screenprinting & mixed media.

Teen Glassblowing: In this class students are learning the basics of glassblowing, starting with gathering from the furnace and then blowing and shaping bubbles. Students are also learning  valuable technique and safety information that will help them build a solid foundation in glass.

Shaping and adding color….below, the  glasses made by the students from this class. They are one of the first objects students create.

In our screenprinting class students learn all the methods of creating a silkscreen image. They get to experiment with stencils, photographs, and drawings to create their own screens and then learn how to print them on t-shirts, stickers, paper and more!

In our mixed-media class artist Curtis Erlinger introduces students to the practices of drawing techniques and collage methods as a way of expressing the body. Students look at line, gesture, form, composition, and text. By class end students will have created a 3-D form based on the additional design elements of unity, balance, rhythm.

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Free Saturday Classes……..Summer 2010

In this K-2 class Ellen Hochberg is working with her students to create puppets and backdrops for a short play based on Musicians of the Sun, a retelling of an ancient Aztec tale by Gerald McDermott.

The Musicians of the Sun tells the Aztec myth of how color and music come into the world.  At the end of our summer quarter the play will be performed for family members at Pratt!

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Teen Sculpture Design with Vance Wolfe…..Summer 2010

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Our New Mural…..before and after

Mural artist Derek Wu working with assistants Sara Ferguson and John Horton, designed and executed this mural at Jackson St and 20th with the help of students Gregory Saba, Joshua Lindenmayer, Isabella Fiattanore, Natalie Givre, Roman Rosenast and Jenny Pham.

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